The Evolve programme is an active therapeutic process. We are convinced that psychedelic assisted psychotherapy in combination with in-depth preparatory and integration sessions can clarify unconscious processes. It can be an integral part of sustainable change.

The programme includes:

  • Contact with a care coordinator to discuss your wishes for the programme.

  • Screening and intake with a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Beforehand, you will fill in questionnaires that will help us to tailor the programme to your needs.

  • Preparatory sessions with a therapist and facilitator that focus on your psychedelic experience. You discuss your intentions for the psychedelic journey, the problems you want to address, your background and life themes. The therapist and facilitator are trained to create the right circumstances for an optimal psychedelic therapy session.

  • A psychedelic assisted psychotherapy session with a facilitator who guides you both practically and emotionally through the psychedelic journey and takes the appropriate measures to make you feel as safe as possible. The facilitator offers unconditional support during the entire journey.

  • Integration therapy in which you can discuss your emotions, insights and lessons that came up during the psychedelic experience. The therapist helps you apply the psychedelic experience to your daily life and together you reflect on the values that are important to you.

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  • 1 psychedelic support therapy session

  • 6 hours with a therapist

  • 10 hours with a facilitator

  • 2 hours intake


Not alone? Take advantage of our group programmes

For our group sessions, we use a maximum of 8 persons. Experiencing and integrating the psychedelic journey collectively can create a common feeling of belonging.

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