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The staff of Field Trip Health do their utmost to provide you with good care and assistance. Nevertheless, it is possible that you are not fully satisfied with a treatment afterwards. We attach great importance to your comments or complaint. First of all, because Field Trip Health finds it important that you are satisfied. In addition, it offers the possibility to improve the care.

Below you can read what to do with your complaint or remarks.

Submit to your healthcare professional

If you are not satisfied with your treatment, it is advisable not to keep it as a problem. Many complaints are based on miscommunication or a different expectation pattern. Field Trip Health suggests that in such a situation you contact your practitioner to discuss this, so that you have the opportunity to be heard.
Experience has shown that a large proportion of complaints can be remedied in this way.
If you are unable to resolve the matter with your practitioner, you have the option of submitting your complaint to the main practitioner, the care coordinator or the confidential adviser. If you submit a complaint, the main practitioner, confidential adviser or care coordinator will endeavour to find a solution as quickly as possible, within a maximum of six weeks.

Complaints Officer

If you are unable to resolve the matter with your care provider and main practitioner, or with the confidential adviser or care coordinator, you have the option of submitting your complaint to a complaints officer. A complaints officer is an independent professional mediator who can work with you and your care provider to find a solution. Even if a complaints officer is called in, the aim is to reach a solution within six weeks. The complaints officer must inform, support, advise, guide and mediate with the complainant: everything is aimed at a solution. If you wish to contact the complaints officer, you can do so via:

Disputes Committee

If you are unable to resolve the matter with the complaints officer and your care provider, you can contact the disputes committee. This arbitration board is an independent organisation that pronounces on the merits of a complaint; in certain cases, the arbitration board can award compensation.

Field Trip Health has concluded an agreement with the healthcare arbitration board for the handling of disputes. The disputes committee consists of a chairman (legal expert) and two members of whom one has a medical background. When a dispute is filed, an investigation will be made into the causes of the complaint. Depending on the nature of the dispute, the chairman determines how the committee will reach a decision. More information on the working method of the Disputes Committee can be found on the website It also contains information on how to submit a dispute.


Finally, please consider the following points:

❖ Field Trip Health finds it important that you are satisfied with the provided care. When you are open about your experiences, you help your practitioner to realise this goal.

❖ Working together with a complaints officer to resolve your complaint does not mean that you lose your right to submit a dispute.

❖ Should you submit a dispute, you must take into account a period of six months within which the Disputes Committee will reach a decision. In that case you will be asked to allow the Disputes Committee to inspect your medical file.

The following general terms and conditions apply to the submission of a complaint or dispute via the Disputes Committee:

1. Disputes between the client and the care provider about (the realisation or execution of agreements relating to) services and items provided or to be provided by the care provider can be submitted both by the client and by the care provider to the Geschillencommissie Zorg Algemeen (General Disputes Committee for Health Care), (Bordewijklaan 46, PO Box 90600, 2509 LP The Hague).

2. The Committee will only handle a dispute if the client has first submitted his complaint to the care provider.

3. If the complaint does not lead to a solution, the dispute must be submitted to the Committee within 12 months of the date on which the client submitted the complaint to the care provider, in writing or in another form to be determined by the Committee.

4. When the client submits a dispute to the Committee, the care provider is bound by that choice. If the care provider wishes to file a dispute, he must ask the client in writing or in another appropriate form whether he agrees to do so within five weeks. The care provider must also announce that after the aforementioned period has lapsed he will deem himself free to bring the dispute before the ordinary courts.

5. The Commission makes its decision with due observance of the provisions of the regulations applicable to it. The regulations of the Commission shall be sent upon request. The decisions of the Committee shall be given in the form of a binding opinion. A fee shall be payable for handling a dispute.

6. Only the Committee referred to above or the ordinary court is authorised to take cognisance of disputes.

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